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Timothy Verbist
10 years ago
Album art

Do not concider this as spam.

Sheets 0-3 are Timothy Verbist.
Sheets 4-7 are Master Apocoloptogon.
Sheets 8 & 9 are The Zaxx. (In his jumbled mess days, but sorry for mocking)
Sheets 10 & 11 are Malice. (Though that, i didn’t mean to mock her, but she’s mostly inspired by some sheets from my songs)
Sheets 12 & 13 are Jackeea. (Guess the 2 songs. HINT: They are from POKEMON. I know Dusty Shane loathes Guess the song posts because they are spammish)
Sheets 14-18 are Nuse. (Because i’m inspired by Utopia for a while, but the songs drums are better)

Like i said: do not concider this post as spam.

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Key: C
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