V4 - Early Access

Finally available in early-access (since 2022)! Enjoy Notessimo on all of your devices (Windows / Mac / iOS / Android / Web). Compose your song with an ever-growing library of custom instruments submitted by the community!
Support development and get instant access* to write mode!
(free-tier will be available upon full release, ~ Summer 2023)
Download Now (ALPHA):
* Patreon Maestro tier+ only, all Maestro members before Feb. 1st 2021 get free early access
* Patreon Maestro tier+ only
* All Maestro members before Feb. 1st 2021 get free early access
Until V4 is available to all, enjoy previous versions of Notessimo!


Initially released in January 2014, added a lot of new features and tools such as custom instruments, fade in / out, lyrics and advanced sheets organizations.
Download with Standard Soundfont:
Download with Legacy Soundfont:


Released in May 2008 along with a website / forum for sharing the music. New features included multiple sheets and individual volume / pan for notes.
Download Now:


Released in July 2007, this was the first version of Notessimo. One of the first game sponsored by Kongregate.
Download Now: