Album art
10 years ago
Album art

This was made solely in V2, so i recommend listening with the old player.
However i did make this with the V3 player in mind so both should be fine.

Exactly one year ago, i started this massive project, so i thought today would be an iconic day to publish it xD
I wouldn’t class this as a song, but more of a concept album that all blends together.

It was created around a story that i came up with and the idea of this was to represent that as best as possible without any words.
That being said though, other people may imagine something completely different if they were to listen to it so i won’t be posting the story (assuming other people visualise things from music).

Long story short, this is a conceptual 39 minute long piece of music which has taken me countless hours over the last year to create (There were times where i took a break due to lack of inspiration, hence why it took longer than i thought).

But finally, i’m excited to publish it.

One last thing, i spent at least 100 hours on this, the least i can ask for is this:
If you get bored of a section, don’t skip the entire thing, just go to the next section.
(The first half is quite slow, the second is faster)

Enjoy :smiley:

Prologue: The Betrayal
0:00 - 1:12

Melancholic Twilight
1:12 - 8:40

Cyborg Enclave
8:40 - 11:36

A New Life
11:36 - 16:48

16:48 - 20:21

Rise From The Underground
20:21 - 21:57

21:57 - 26:40

Don’t Die
26:40 - 29:35

29:35 - 33:44

33:44 - 39:00