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Timothy Verbist
10 years ago
Album art

Guys, do not feel offended by the title & the description.

Sheets 0-4: Timothy Verbist
Sheet 5: morriswam
Sheets 6-8: Carrot (because of the songs: Ocean,All Night & Emotion. But his are 100% better than mine.) My apologizes to Carrot for ripping off his songs :frowning: Sorry carrot. :frowning:
Sheet 9: Yurenu
Sheets 10-11: ~W0lfe~ (sorry if i offended you, w0fle.)

Do not concider this as spam, feel offended (i’ll apologize though) or feel indignified.

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Key: C
Time: 4 / 4
ID: t5u2iyDPvg