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2 years ago
Album art

Imagine uploading a completed song in 2022

Don’t expect my usual standard of composition, I really rushed this to get it done in one day. A lot of copy pasting was done and it needs some serious refinement (ha like that’s ever gonna happen), but tbh I just wanted to hear this in Notessimo and now I can share it. I do really wish I could give it the Hellstick treatment though because it does deserve it imo.

Also this song is a semi-cover of Pull the Trigger, by Flux Pavilion. Rn that song is my jam and I basically copied a lot from it but it’s not a straight cover per se.

EDIT (2 Apr 2024): The reverb is broken in the V4 player for some reason, download the audio to get around this issue.

Size: 6.68 MB
Key: C
Time: 4 / 4
Updated: 9 days ago
ID: rLjWB591wx