Well i am feeling a little down because i have to miss woodworking, but luckily i made a happy 16-Beat part which is a mix of 16-Beat,Rock & Reggae because i don’t want to spoil TwistedFireX’s Birthday.

This song is a mix from: Classical,Orff,African,Baroque,Children Music,Anime (not a style though),Verbock (because of the drums on sheets 2 & 3),Techno (because of the green synths),Organ Donor (because it’s inspired by Organ Donor by Aliens Exist =3),16-Beat,Rock & Reggae.

Use the old Player because the Acoustic Guitar is out of tune together with the Cello on the New Player.

This song began sad, but i made the end happy to spoon this song out.

Measure 2 from sheet 3 = Inspired by THEFinalBoss’ Haunted Path. Measures 3 to 6 from sheet 3 = Inspired by ggfchl’s Masquerade on Marimba & Carrot’s collab with QVX.

I’ll edit the drums from my Pentatonic Rock Song with Xylophones like Aliens told me,make softer the bass,give the melody more power (but not too much),restrain the overlapping & shorten the outro. (Ace & Captain Emerald told me to do that)

Do not forget to Comment,Criticize & Enjoy listening to this song.

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Key: C
Time: 4 / 4
ID: qBwmqEuqA1