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The Arcanist
4 years ago
Album art

Posting this now so I stop working on it. I might come back and add lyrics later.

The song’s chorus got put at the end because I couldn’t get it to sound right with any sort of electric guitar backing. Oh well. I was going to make it wrap back around to the violin/guitar section from the beginning at the very end of the song, but I figured it would just get repetitive and overly long if I did that, so I just cut it after the chorus was done.

I started writing this a few months ago, but I’ve had trouble finding motivation to work on it. At this point, I honestly don’t even like this song anymore, but I did at one point, so I’ll just have to trust my past self that it actually sounds good.

Have a nice day,
- The Arcanist

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Key: C
Time: 3 / 4
ID: nYFPCvZ3np