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Timothy Verbist
11 years ago
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Do not concider this as spam, i want to experiment again because i’m thinking when i did an accordion experiment i was thinking about having a Red Accordiana,a Accordiola Carmen (a black one.),A Black Accordiola Camerano, an 32 bass Accordiola Camerano,A Accordiola Super Manon or 2,A Blue Accordiana with 25 keys,The Accordiana Super Carmen & the Blue Accordiana Carmen. Then when i did a Synth experiment, i thought about having a Roland Jupiter-6 or maybe a Casio CTK-720,A Casio CTK-496 or a Casio CTK-710. Another accordion experiment is when i thought about a Accordiana Aida. Then that Organ Experiment (i want to make an Alladin cover with the Rock organ at sheet 3, i thought about a Technics GA3. When i tried at Sheet 4 to cover “Give Love a Second Chance” i thought about having a Hohner Clavinet. Then i tried to make a Stevie Wonder song cover on sheet 4, i thought about another Hohner Clavinet. Sheet 5 has a Sound Effect i made, when i did that, i thought about having a Casio CTK-480, a Casio CTK-593,A ROLAND EM-55, a Yamaha PSR-S900
A Yamaha PSR-2000 or a Roland VA-76.

Then i covered “Oude Jan”, a basic song when i thought about having a Harpsichord.

My last new Levels attempt (well we are getting tired of those Levels attempts though.) Well, i thought about making new experiments & i want a Moog Micromoog or maybe a Moog Prodigy.

Last sheet: another random Experiment. I was thinking then about having a Moog Rogue.

Well, it’s just an experiment so DO NOT CONCIDER THIS AS SPAM!!!

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