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2 years ago
Album art

In keeping tradition with the Toledo formula, this song is also named after an Ohio state city for no other reason than I couldn’t think of what to name this friggen thing.

The goal of composing with Notessimo has always been to strive for improvement with each major song release, for this one I knew I was going to do 2 things, A. Polish it more than I’ve ever polished a song before - and B. Make it better than Toledo 2, as I think Toledo 2 is my best song.

I wholeheartedly expected this to be done by January but after rearranging my free time I bunkered down and sweated through the process, worried the whole time I was going to lose the main file due to a paranoid induced hard drive failure accident or power-outage while the song would save, rendering it glitched and unusable. -Thankfully neither had happened.

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