Album art
Album art

I have just like a minute more to this. just want to show you how productive i am

note: the verses aren’t sung in the original song, and since you can’t really do spoken vocals in notessimo, i tried my best to make a melody for the verses

also haha i went all out and instead of taking the easy way out and making this a hi-fi remake i put a low pass filter with extra resonance on everything.

the choppiness is completely intentional, i’m trying to nail the flow of the song down to a t

(btw this is probably best turned all the way up on the player for just a little clipping like in the original)

ALSO for some reason, in some of the verses, when the low guitars were copied the composer screwed them up for some reason. (like at 1:47 and at 3:52-3:58 wtf is going on), i will fix it