Album art
Album art

6 years later comes the final update to my Sonic 1 Green Hill Zone cover, version 4 from May 2015 before I made this account.
I refreshed and cleaned it up a bit in V3 Legacy and was finally able to make it extremely accurate and true to the original.
I am the first and only one to have made the song this close to the original.
Edited in V3 Legacy.

Original rendition on YouTube:

Version 4:

I don’t know why it says “Botessimo” when I did have an account for uploading that version.
As of the time I uploaded that version I gave credit to SuperNintendoGameBoy and MrMPCPlatypus to mitigate any confusion that I copied their covers which I of course didn’t.

I have uploaded this cover to YouTube too.
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Key: C
Time: 4 / 4
Updated: 2 years ago
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