Album art
11 years ago
Album art

I’m back, guys! After–how long has it been?–3, or 4 years, Voodoo12 (please refer to me as Nighthorder. I meant to make a new account under the name but didn’t want to go through making a new email just to sign up again) is back!
If any of you remember any of my old stuff, specifically Tech Attack, and happen to have a version of it saved to your computer for some reason (however unlikely that may be), could you send it to me via email or something?If none of you have it, I’m announcing my next project will be a…Mach 2 of that song.

Anyway! On to the song I am currently posting! I spent a while on this one (granted I spend a while on everything I make because I work very slowly with music), and I hope you enjoy! If you think there’s anything I should change (namely removing sheet 15, speeding up the bulk of the song, or slowly down the intro) lemme know.