Album art
9 years ago
Album art

Well, new update now.

No, I did not copy MrMPCPlatypus’ Genesis cover. The Genesis cover I actually did was done by scratch. I used MY Genesis cover in an attempt to remake this song in 8-bit in my boredness.

Let’s talk about what I did.

1.Fixed the Xylophones a little bit.

2.Added the Kalimbas(I think I spelled it wrong) in sheets 9, 10, 5, 6, 7, and 8. (I had to redo the whole thing in sheet 8 because it sounded stupid in the last update.)

3.Fixed up the bassline.

EDIT: ALI=3NS said “Where’s the chiptune…?” so I put “chiptune” in the tags. The 10 tag limit is to blame. XD